Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Hello! An Update from Dr. Vaughan


Chris Eller, who manages our Natural Vitality Center asked me to write a note because so many customers have been asking how I’m doing. I apologize for so little communication in the past three years. I have been fighting for my life, and I am healing from several complicated illnesses. The good news is that I am much better!

As you may recall, in early 2017 we had to evacuate our office and move into the Natural Vitality Center because the presence of mold was detected. Three different types of mold were identified in the original office, and I got sick with all of them. In fact, I got sick three different ways from these three different molds. I had the mold inside me, so I was infected; I developed allergies to these molds, and each of the molds was making mycotoxins—toxic substances that damage the body in different ways. My brain was basically melting, and my immune system was being shut down by the mold.

When I closed the office in January 2017, I just focused on dealing with the mold. It was a much more daunting process than I imagined. I was doing everything “right”, but I wasn’t making any progress. More on that in a moment.

An Unexpected Diagnosis

I was diagnosed with breast cancer on October 7, 2018. It was a shock, but fortunately, it was localized, and did not spread to any lymph nodes. I had bilateral mastectomies on October 29, 2018 and began the long process of recovering. This was complicated by the fact that I had taken the mold home with me and contaminated my house, so I was not getting well from the mold until I vacated my house in early December 2018 when I moved in with a dear friend of mine while I had the house professionally remediated.

Then, healing really began and my brain started waking up. In May 2019, I sold my house and I am now living in High Point in a townhouse that is mold-free.

I feel I have had more tests than I ever ordered on anyone! In the past 20 months, I have seen an integrative physician in South Carolina, a surgeon, an oncologist, two cardiologists, a sports medicine doctor, my GYN, Dr. Pittman in Raleigh, who is both a friend and an integrative physician who has coordinated and directed most of my care, and most recently, Dr. Barbel Aldridge, a naturopath in Jamestown. Also, a dentist and an oral surgeon. It takes a village!

What Now?

I have a complicated routine with many supplements, homeopathic remedies, chelation, drugs for mold and mycotoxins, hyperbaric oxygen and I’m getting ready to start ozone therapy. I am also on shots for mold allergies. And lots of prayer and meditation.

I now feel almost normal! I know I will fully recover. I am enjoying “retirement” and writing a memoir about how my life unraveled after the exposure to mold, how I beat it, and how I am now thriving. The working title is, I Did Everything Right and I Still Got Breast Cancer: An Integrative Physician’s Diary. It will be about how to avoid chronic illness and cancer and how to thrive if you get either. It should be published and available for purchase next year.

I miss taking care of people, but I am called to write this book so I can share my experience with everyone.

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Blessings to you and yours.

Elizabeth R. Vaughan, MD

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