Thursday, April 24, 2014

Boycott of Komen Foundation and American Cancer Society

It's time to boycott the American Cancer Society and Susan G. Komen Foundation for their ignorant and unjustifiable dismissal of the bra-cancer link.

Don’t Send Them Money, Send Them Your Bra! 
Does wearing constrictive bras for long periods of time daily contribute to breast cancer?
It does, according to at least 5 research studies and numerous healthcare providers, including oncologists and MD’s. Even some lingerie manufacturers have developed new bra designs hoping to minimize lymphatic constriction and thereby help prevent breast cancer, citing the bra-cancer theory for their patents. 
But it doesn’t, according to the American Cancer Society and the Susan G. Komen Foundation, fund raising giants of the cancer detection and treatment world, which consider the link absurd and unworthy of serious consideration, and unquestionably assume that research showing a link must have some other explanation besides bras. 
Shrugging off the bra-cancer link is killing hundreds of thousands of women and wasting billions of dollars in unnecessary detection and treatment, according to husband and wife medical anthropologists, Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer, co-authors of Dressed To Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras (Avery/Penguiin Putnam 1995; ISCD Press, 2005). 
Singer and Grismaijer are calling for a boycott of these organizations until they stop dismissing the bra-cancer link, and begin educating doctors and women about the cancer hazards of wearing tight bras. 
Their research on the bra wearing habits of US women with and without breast cancer showed that bra-free women have about the same incidence of breast cancer as men, and that the tighter and longer a bra is worn the higher the incidence rose, up to 100 times greater for 24/7 bra wearers.
When they first notified cancer organizations about their discovery, they were completely ignored or ridiculed. Now, 20 years later, the American Cancer Society and the Susan G. Komen Foundation still ridicule the information out of hand, and try to explain away the link as a ridiculous “myth”. 
Why are women not hearing about this from the ACS and Komen Foundation? Why are these organizations, so eager to fund raise for a cure, so opposed to preventing this disease by addressing the bra-cancer link? Could it be because lingerie companies donate to their charities? Could it be that preventing this disease by challenging the cultural norm of bra wearing is too taboo for these detection and treatment focused organizations? 
According to Singer and Grismaijer, whatever their reason, it is wrong for the bra-cancer link to be dismissed and ignored. Because of this unscientific stonewalling of this information, over the past 20 years 2,000,000 women in the US alone have gotten breast cancer who may have prevented it by simply loosening their bra and wearing it less time each day. 
Singer and Grismaijer suggest that whenever the ACS or Komen Foundation ask for a donation, send them your bra, instead! This will give them the message, and help you prevent breast cancer at the same time.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure there are a number of factors: the companies that fund them and cultural taboos towards breasts. It can be stifling to stand between the truth and hard place.

Can I really send them my bra? I'd love to! I'm going to go to the website and get an address lol.

I've stopped wearing a bra over a year ago. Now if I try to wear one, I end up taking it off after a short while. They only bra I can stand is my 1 size up Genie bra and even that is becoming a somewhat of a discomfort.

I work in an office, and I have yet to have any issues with my unharnessed breasts. I wish more women would not be so dependent on them.

Even young girls are anxious to get "training bras" they are a right of passage and our society and culture are to blame. We often judge other cultures and customs on how they treat their girls when coming of age...but are we any better.

I know I have a challenge ahead of me when it comes to my own daughters.

Dr. Vaughan said...

Well said!