Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Have You Heard the Latest on GM/GEs?

Again, I cannot tell you how horrified I am at the information that keeps coming out about GM/GE foods and Roundup/glyphosate. While I was flat in bed last week with a back injury, I finished reading Seeds of Deception by Jeffrey Smith, who clearly describes how Monsanto has been in bed with the government--and vice versa. And this has been going on since the late 1980s. No wonder Senator Kay Hagan has said: “It’s the same as regular food. All the scientists say so.” 

She's been totally conned, and I told her so.

Anyhow, the latest tidbit is that Roundup is being sprayed on ALL GRAINS just before harvest--not just GM/GE crops. This dries up the plant so that they can proceed with harvest on schedule. But this also means that all the lovely gluten-free, but not organic, mixes and flours I’ve enjoyed for so long are contaminated with glyphosate.

Buy organic grains as much as possible... rice, wheat, barley, etc. For more detailed info on glyphosate, read Men! Save Your Testicles (and Humanity). Recommendations for protecting your body are at the end of the article. We are exposed to GM/GE foods all the time now. We need labeling, and we need government action to remove these foods from the food chain. But that will take time, so protect yourself and those you love with my suggestions--and by choosing organic whenever you can.  

By the way, this new info comes from the very end of a 60 minute video of Jeff interviewing Stephanie Seneff, PhD, who has written a brilliant article about how glyphosate contributes to just about any disease you can think of. I watched this on my iPhone last week as I laid on my back. ;-)

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