Sunday, July 7, 2013

HB 695

This is about NC HB 695 that was passed by the Republicans in the Senate of NC on Wednesday night. This bill will do away with Planned Parenthood and close all but one abortion center in the state. I put several helpful links below.  Please take action to preserve women’s right and access to safe health care in this state.

Please call the Governor and Speaker Tillis. See instructions below.

An updated version of the text of my email to Governor McCrory and the Speaker of the House Rep. Tillis appealing to them to reject or veto the Bill is below.

You have a unique opportunity to demonstrate that North Carolina is not an extreme, hostile state like Texas by rejecting HB 695. This bill will be in front of you soon and I am counting on you to reject this bill.

During my training to be a physician, I worked at Planned Parenthood in Kalamazoo Michigan. When I moved to North Carolina to live and practice medicine, I received my annual medical care at Planned Parenthood for years because it was reasonably priced and I was paying off student loans.
Now as a physician in practice for over 30 years, I appeal to you to reject and/or veto this law that would deny women access to good health care when they most need it. This bill would close all but one of the clinics that perform abortions in North Carolina. And it would close all Planned Parenthood offices.

Abortions happen at profoundly sad and conflicted times. No woman that I know is EVER happy to get an abortion. There are no good choices when a woman is pregnant and cannot bear or care for the child with love and support. Please consider that these tough decisions should be made by women working with their physicians when a woman is pregnant and does not want to be. Or has a health problem that will get worse if the pregnancy continues. Or is pregnant because she was violated.
I am old enough to know that abortions will continue to occur if this law passes. Women will continue to get abortions...and when they return to the backstreets...there will be blood on the hands of every North Carolina Senator, Representative and even Governor  who voted "YES" for this bill.

From Planned Parenthood:

HB695, also known as the worst bill we've seen this legislative session for women's health, could reach the NC House of Representatives as soon as Tuesday, July 9. Together we can show legislators that we refuse to stand by as this bill becomes law.

Here's how you can take action (Share with friends!):

-Join the Planned Parenthood Action Network (PPAN) to receive our most current political updates and actions here.

-Donate to our Public Affairs efforts here.

-RSVP for Moral Monday Rally, July 8th at 4:45 pm. Remember to wear pink/purple.

-Urge Speaker Tillis and Gov. McCrory to reject HB695. Calls are very effective. If you get their voicemail, leave a message. If you don't get through, try until you do.

Call the Governor. Politely and succinctly ask the staff member who answers to tell the Governor to uphold his campaign promise not to support the passage of new abortion restrictions, including HB695. 919-814-2000.

Call Speaker Tillis. Politely and succinctly tell the staff member that you oppose HB695. This bill will now go back to the House for consideration. The more calls the Speaker gets, the less inclined will they be to take up the bill in its current form. 919-733-3451.
Email Gov. McCrory and Speaker Tillis here.


Samatha Smith said...

"There's no good choices for women who are pregnant and can not bear or care for the child as they should" That is total bullsnot and you know it. There is an option and it's called ADOPTION. You know, that thing where you sit down with wonderful couples who have been trying to have their own kid for years and can't so they've decided to lay their fate in the hands of pregnant women who can't be mothers. It's a rather amazing invention, ya know. Plus, that crap of "when they go back to the backstreets there will be blood on the hands of every senator, governor and anyone who voted yes to this bill" is ludacris. What about those women? Do they not have blood on THEIR hands for killing a child that in most cases they willing opened their legs to have?? There are such things as BIRTH CONTROL, ya know and some that you implant and don't even worry about anymore! I think if they can't be responsible enough to take care of themselves and prevent this situation then they shouldn't kill a baby for their own mishaps. I have spent a long, very long, 6 years trying to have a baby that would come home. If I could have adopted an infant, I would have long before now and saved myself the heartache and the worry with my pregnancy now. It's not the babies fault these children can't be WOMEN and own up to what they have done and I personally can not WAIT for this bill to be passed and NOT veto'd!

Muffy Mumblepants said...

Planned Parenthood provides birth control. This bill would severely limit women's access to affordable health care and birth control.

Muffy Mumblepants said...

Also, Samantha, with all respect to your own beliefs regarding abortion, why don't you let other women decide for themselves?

Christi said...

Murder is still murder and it should never be an option. It is not a belief it is a fact.